Each discipline of ski racing has equipment with different characteristics. Equipment includes boots, skis,bindings poles, and body protection. Most of the equipment used by youth racers is designated as “junior race”. This separates the equipment from youth recreational ski equipment in terms of design, performance and durabilty. Junior race equipment is typically available from major name brand manufacturers and is usually availble through specialty ski shops rather than large chains that offer recreational gear. The  Selection Guide-Alpine Racing has more detail regarding racing equipment Ski shops and online sources catering to ski racers can be found on Where to Buy link.


Freestyle skiing encompasses a variety of ski equipment including:

  • Park-and-pipe: Constructed terrain parks (with jumps, pipes, rails and other obstacles) where skiers perform tricks and aerial acrobatics.
  • Freeride (sometimes called “big mountain” skiing): When a mountain’s natural features (particularly very steep, off-piste slopes) are used as a terrain park for jumps and stunts.
  • Freestyle: This term’s usage can vary among skiers. Many equate it with mogul skiing combined with aerials, often performed in a competitive environment. Others use it more generally to describe tricks performed in a terrain park or on powder.

The Selection Guide – Freestyle has more information about equipment selection.

Maintaining your equipment is critical it’s performance so make sure to check the Tuning and Waxing page for comprehensive maintenance information.

Keep in mind the Coaches are the best authority if you have questions about equipment.