Membership in the Foundation is open to any individual who subscribes to the  BVSEF Mission and  Purpose.  In addition to formalizing your support for BVSEF’s Mission, membership provides you with a number of benefits:

  • Receive team updates and timely information regarding events and other important information
  • Discounts on MedEvac services
  • Discounts on equipment, wax and tuning tools
  • Ability to list your used gear on the BVSEF classified page

BVSEF has several classes of membership:

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP applies to individuals who are team members or parents of team members on any Bear Valley Snow Sports team, coaches, Bear Valley employees, and others that provide assistance to the Teams and Bear Valley Mountain or support the Foundation’s mission. There is no membership fee but we would appreciate you donating some of your time helping us with events. Volunteer requests will be sent to our membership list as we have need for assistance.  Importantly, we also encourage  financial donations to enable BVSEF to continue with its work.  You can donate online by clicking here.

You can easily and quickly join BVSEF as a Regular Member by registering here on the TeamBV website. Please click here and complete the registration form.

SPONSOR MEMBERSHIP applies to any individual or organization that contributes financially or goods in kind in the amounts set forth in the Foundation’s sponsorship programs. Sponsor Membership period is Nov 1 to Oct 31 of the following year.

For information about BVSEF Sponsorship please click here

CHARTER MEMBERSHIP applies to the founding members and other members who made significant contribution in the creation and development of the Foundation. A listing of the BVSEF Charter members can be found here