Strength, flexibility, endurance and agility drills for skiers and boarders are essential for both recreational and the expert snow sports athletes. Most skiers and boarders return to the slopes after months away. While some athletes participate in other sports during the off-season to stay in shape, many are weekend warriors. No matter what type of a skier you are, you could wind up with minor aches, pains or a serious injury if you don’t spend a little time preparing for the demands of your sport.

Skiers and snowboarders require specific conditioning and workout routines to not only perform better and prevent fatigue, but to help reduce the risk of injury on the slopes.

There is a wealth of information on the internet regarding ski and snowboard conditioning. A good overview of conditioning programs is located here.

Below are a number of video clips that also will help with your conditioning

Beginner Ski & Snowboard Fitness Fitness Boot Camp Workout

Advanced Ski and Snowboard Fitness 30 Minute Boot Camp Workout

Snowboarding Fitness Tips

Balance Awareness Exercises for Snowboarders

Core Training for Skiers and Snowboarders


USSA Coach and Athlete Development Network  – This site features a collection of videos is to provide coaches, trainers, and athletes with examples of exercises and sport science topics that can be used by a wide range of snowsport athletes to improve performance.