Tuning & Waxing

Maintaining your snow sports equipment is critical to acheive you best performance. Not to mention that proper maintenace will increase the life of your equipment. Snowboard and Ski tuning and waxing can be done by shops but at a cost of $25-$40 per tune, this gets expensive quickly. With an initial purchase of the right tools and supplies, you can easily learn to maintain your own equipment. Books can be written on the subject and there are many tips and techniques that can be found online. The Bear Valley Race Team Guide also has a tuning and waxing section that discusses the basics of race ski tuning.

The following videos provide a good overview of Ski and Snowboard tuning and waxing. So you should start here. If you want more information, take a look at the Bear Valley Race Team Guide. But fear not about being overwhelmed your coaches and other BVSEF members are always ready to answer your questions…..so please ask.

Ski Tuning

The Art of Ski Tuning

Toko Video Series – All Mountain, Race, Cross-country

Swix School – Tuning and Waxing

Snowboard Tuning

How To Tune a Snowboard: Part 1

How To Tune a Snowboard: Part 2

How To Detune a Snowboard