The Bear Valley Nastar racers recently placed third in a field of more than 60 teams from across the country at this season’s NASTAR National Championship held at Squaw Valley. Bear Valley, in cooperation with Bear Valley Snowsports Education Foundation (BVSEF), is proud to be one of just three resorts in California to host the program.

Founded in 1968, NASTAR gives recreational racers an opportunity to compete and compare their scores to friends and family regardless of when and where they race using the NASTAR handicap system. Racers are scored with a handicap system that provides participants with a tangible number, or handicap, that represents their ability against U.S. Ski Team athletes and pacesetters. To qualify for the National Championships, NASTAR participants must win a medal on two or more race days during the season. For the team competition, the top six racers based on the handicap point system from each resort team are used to score points for their resort team.

Pacesetters included Olympic Champion Julia Mancuso; Marco Sullivan, a U.S. Ski Team member and five-time World Championship competitor and four-time Olympian; four-time Olympian AJ Kitt, the most decorated male American Downhiller and Super G skier in history, Daron Rahlves; Claire Brown who boasts 24 career FIS wins; Bill Hudson, an eight-year U.S. Ski Team racer and 1988 Olympic Team member; Tamara Mckinney, who won four World Cup season titles and Nate Holland, a four-time Snowboard Cross Olympian and seven-time Winter X Games gold medalist.

The top 6 Bear Valley ski team competitors scored an average of 8.098 points and included:

  • Addison Gwin – 8.980 points
  • Leah Homsy – 8.820 points
  • Olivia Gluchowski – 8.620 points
  • Rohan Naidu – 8.070 points
  • Kyle Ridosko – 7.220 points
  • Isabella Gluchowski – 6.880 points

Complete scoring the series can be seen at:

Top overall finishers from the Bear Valley ski team included:

  • Leah Homsy, second place in the female 6-7 years old category
  • Olivia Gluchowski, first place in the female 6-7 category
  • Addison Gwin, fifth place in the female 8-9 category
  • Rohan Naidu, second place in male 6-7 category
  • Akshay Naidu, eight place in the male 6-7 category
  • Kyle Ridosko, sixth place in the male 10-11 category
  • Hans Ramirez, seventh place in the male 10-11 category
  • Nathanael Ridosko, seventh place in the male 12-13 category
  • Alexis Ghiglieri, sixth place in female 12-13 category
  • Ryan Ridosko second place in the male 14-15 category
  • Andreas Ramirez, fourth place in the male 14-15 category
  • Margrethe Ramirez, second place in female 45-49 category
  • Karen Lipe, first place in female 60-64 category
  • Dick Shawkey, second place in male 80-84 category

Other Bear Valley competitors included Jack Hyson, Larry Lipe, Dennis Estrada, Elizabeth Rubin, Karly Shields, Emily Rubin, Ted Earle, and Caitlin Earle.

The NASTAR event was held at Squaw Valley the weekend of March 21-25, 2018 More information about the NASTAR team results is available at: