The recent dusting of snow has gotten all of us thinking of the coming season and once again ripping down the slopes.  The recent weather also adds urgency to those preseason projects need to get wrapped up before the snow falls.   One such project is the re-setting of the race equipment shack at the top of Feather Duster. While this project may not seem important in providing a great experience to the general public, it does impact the teams.

The shack is used to store gates and other equipment for competitive events on Feather Duster. Similar structures can be found at the top of NASTAR and at the NASTAR bump.  These structures are set on cribbing in order for them to be accessible when there are several feet, or more, of snow on the ground. The Feather Duster shack was leaning due to broken cribbing which required replacing.  Clearly this is a job that needs to be completed before major snowfall.

Head Race Coach and BVSF Board member, Nick Shawkey and BV Resort’s Director of Operations, Tim Schimke, replaced the cribbing and reset the shack this past weekend. In a typical example of collaboration between Bear Valley SnowSports Foundation and Bear Valley Resort, the Foundation provided the materials and the Resort provided the equipment to get the job done.  Most importantly, Tim and Nick provided the initiative, expertise and team work to get the job done.  Many thanks to Tim and Nick!