The U14/U16 racers kicked off the weekend on Friday February 9 with a GS race on Dodge Ridge’s Bobby’s Freedom Run.

For the U16 women, Julia Jockin from Snow Summit placed first followed by Keira Swaim of China Peak in second and Lindsay Yon of Snow Summit in third. For the U14 women, Kenan Dragomanovich from Bear Valley took first with teammates Emma Shawkey and Suravi Bhattulla coming in second and third respectively.

In the U16 Men, first place went to Jay Min Park of Snow Summit. Bear Valley’s Max Balco placed second and Lukas Krueer from Dodge Ridge came in third. Nathan Peterson of Bear Valley nailed down first place in U14 Men, coming in a full second ahead of Ian Bai of Snow Summit with Felix Dittmer also from Snow Summit placing third.

Moving on to Saturday’s U14/U16 race, the same names were on the Women’s U16 podium, but the order was shuffled a bit. Julia Jockin came in first again, but Linday Yon moved up to second just ahead of Keira Swaim in third.  The U14 podium also looked familiar but this time Suravi Bhattulla took top honors with Emma Shawkey again grabbing second place and Kenan Dragomanovich in third. Again, making it a Bear Valley sweep.

Familiar names also stood on the U16 Men’s podium with Jay Min Park of Snow Summit in first place. Second place went to Lukas Krueer with Bear Valley’s Max Balco in third. Bear Valley’s Nathan Peterson once again took first place. Ian Bai repeated his second-place performance and Brady Busick from China Peak came in third.

The U10/U12 Men and Women GS Races took place on Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday, the U10 Women saw Ava Thomas of Snow Summit place first. Second went to Mackenzie Lim of Dodge Ridge and third to Aurora Villarreal of Snow Summit. Ayden Kim of Snow Summit came in first for the U10 Men followed by Andrew Cai of Dodge Ridge in second and Cyrus Bai of Snow Summit in third.

In the U12 Women category, top step on the podium went to Irina Stoilov of Snow Summit. Second place was Emilie Krueer from Dodge Ridge with Madison Lim of Dodge Ridge place third.  For U12 Men, Arjun Bhattulla from Bear Valley took top honors. Snow Summit’s James Thomas was second and Bear Valley’s Brendan Fry placed third.

On Sunday, Feb 11, U10 Women’s winner was once again Snow Summit’s Ava Thomas. Second place was Kacey Reed from Bear Valley. Third place went to Christiana McGeragle from Dodge Ridge. In U10 Men, Andrew Cai of Dodge Ridge came in first. Ayden Kim from Snow Summit was in second and Cyrus Bai also of Snow Summit place third.

Moving to Sunday’s U12 results, the Women’s podium was a repeat of Saturday with Irina Stoilov, first; Emilie Krueer, second and Madison Lim, third.  For the Men, James Thomas from Snow Summit placed first. Bear Valley’s Brendan Fry and Arjun Bhattulla placed second and third respectively.

A special award the “Little E Award” was bestowed to the U12 Girl and Boy who is determined, hardworking, supportive of fellow teammates and competitors, displays positive attitude in the face of difficulty.  This season the girl’s Little E Award goes to Brooke Carlisle, a great team mate to age groups above and below. She has a “never give up” attitude that is second to none. Ansh Khera is this season’s boy’s recipient. Ansh has a firm understanding of racing skills and fundamentals, ski’s fast and aggressive. Always there to help and support his teammates in other age groups during the race.

Official Race Results

Friday Feb 9

U14/U16 Women GS

U14/U16 Men GS

Saturday Feb 10

U14/U16 Women GS

U14/U16 Men GS

U10/12 Women GS

U10/12 Men GS

Sunday Feb 11

U10/U12 Women GS

U10/U12 Men GS