The Bear Valley Snowsports Foundation (BVSF) was originally founded as Bear Valley Race Team Foundation with the purpose of supporting Alpine racing at Bear Valley. The Foundation has been run predominantly by parents of current and former racers who have worked closely with Bear Valley Mountain Resort to organize alpine races and
support the race team. Over the years BVSF has expanded its Mission to support all BV Teams plus the Adaptive Program.


The Bear Valley Snowsports Foundation (BVSF) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the support of Bear Valley’s snow sports athletes in achieving their athletic, academic and personal goals. The programs we support promote the development of essential skills; stimulate interest in competitive events and the positive values of sportsmanship, self-discipline, goal setting, character building and the pursuit of healthy lifestyle activities.

What BVSF Does

BVSF assists Bear Valley’s Competitive and All-Mountain Teams in many ways including team communication and administrative tasks. We support the professional development of coaches and support their efforts in providing the best possible skills development for our athletes. Our members assist coaches with training set up, safety monitoring, team communication and administrative tasks. Through fundraising and on- mountain volunteer work, we provide Bear Valley with the necessary parent and community support to develop highly competitive ski and snow sports teams. Through these efforts Bear Valley’s programs are among the most affordable in the Sierras. This enables more young snow sports athletes to participate in a sport that would otherwise not be affordable.

BVSF also:

  • Maintains the TeamBV website Manages and funds the Nastar Race Program
  • Organizes the USSA Central Series Rasmussen Cup Race
  • Subsidizes professional development for coaches
  • Purchases equipment for the Adaptive Program
  • Organizes fundraising events and solicits sponsorships to fund its activities

Support BVSF

In order for BVSF to accomplish its Mission and achieve its goals, funds must be raised on an ongoing basis. In recent years, BVSF funded scholarships, coach’s education, video equipment, computer and video analysis software, radios, safety equipment and race gates.

Our funds typically are generated from donations, sponsorships, fund raising events and USSA race activities at Bear Valley which are organized by BVSF. Our ability to realize our vision to see Bear Valley acknowledged as one of the top snow sports development destination in the Sierras is only limited by the number of members willing to assist in our

Supporter Program which enables individuals to financially support BVSF and be acknowledged with a Supporter Pin and be listed on the website Supporter page. We have set contribution levels as follows; Contributor – $100; Supporter – $250; Patron – $500. Click HERE to donate.

For corporate sponsors, BVSF Sponsorship will not only help the Foundation tremendously, but sponsor companies will be widely promoted to our membership and potentially all Bear Valley’s guests. To become a BVSF Sponsor, click HERE for information.

And last, but certainly not least, is supporting BVSF through your volunteer efforts. The more members who contribute their time and/or expertise, the more we can accomplish. If you are interested in helping the BV Teams, or have a special expertise or a unique way to support BVSF we would love to hear from you. To volunteer, just send an email to with how you would like to help.