In order to have a successful race season for our Race and Devo Race teams, a lot of volunteer work must be done. Other than our paid coaching, all tasks are performed by our BVSF member volunteers. This is similar to how many other youth sports programs operate – heavily dependent on volunteer commitments. Our Team Program is only as successful as our members make it!

BVSF has decided to operate on a point-based system, instead of a money deposit system where you “earn” back your deposit as many other race teams do. We hope that this will be successful so a money deposit program is not necessary.  We are reflecting the different job values by assigning a point-based “work credit” on a scale from 10 to 40.  Frequently, the “value” of the job and the estimated time of work are not equivalent.  This policy is designed to incentivize members to volunteer for the critical jobs that must be accomplished. In particular, we are in need of parents to sign up for official US Ski & Snowboard Association roles that require training at Palisades on the first weekend in November. If we don’t have people in these roles, races WILL be cancelled.

The season Volunteer Point recommendation varies by Team. Race Devo recommendation is 10 points; Race Team is 20 points. Any adult can assign their points earned to any family, so families can help each other, or friends and relatives can also help.

For more details and to sign up to volunteer, go to the Volunteer Page.