Email Update

Email updates will be sent no later than the end of day the Thursday prior to the weekend training session providing parents and team members with pertinent information.


The BYGA app is a great communication and roster management tool. BYGA is our primary source for team messaging and daily updates. We also use BYGA for roster management, the app can show you what team your child is on and if changes need to be made the app can be updated by coaches in real time to reflect the team roster.

Social Media

Social Media will be used to provide a number of options to keep up to date with Team information. Information that is sent out on Wednesdays will be distributed on Facebook and Twitter. While you may choose to follow TeamBV on multiple social media sites, only one of the following is required to receive all information. We recommend you

Team Bulletin Board

Team Bulletin board is under development in the Village Center.

Team BV Website

The TeamBV website contains a great deal of information in addition to Team updates regarding their respective teams. It is a comprehensive resource for news, events, equipment selection and maintenance, snow safety, training, and conditioning. It is a mobile-friendly site that can be accessed from a variety of devices.

Mattly Trent Weather Updates

For updates on weather and snow conditions, Bear Valley’s world-renowned Matt Trent posts a daily update on the Bear Valley YouTube channel, usually at some crazy early hour. We recommend you subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Coach Communications

We value your input and parents are encouraged to discuss the progress of their athlete with their coach before and after training sessions. We understand that every athlete is unique; keep your coach informed regarding any specific issues he/she may need to know about your child. Any concern that cannot be resolved directly with your coach should be brought to the attention of the Head Race Team Coach or the All Mountain Team Supervisor. Parents are encouraged to “shadow” the team whenever they desire, however please maintain a respectful distance so that your child is not distracted by your presence.