Social Events

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Every year we plan to have at least one social event. You can see the current scheduled Social Event here. Here are some of the events that have happened in the past: Team Orientation and Welcome Meeting Social - Typically held the Saturday after Thanksgiving at the resort, it is an opportunity to meet and

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Volunteer Opportunities

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In order to have a successful race season for our Race and Devo Race teams, a lot of volunteer work must be done. Other than our paid coaching, all tasks are performed by our BVSF member volunteers. This is similar to how many other youth sports programs operate – heavily dependent on volunteer commitments.

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Bear Valley Snowsports Foundation

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Background The Bear Valley Snowsports Foundation (BVSF) was originally founded as Bear Valley Race Team Foundation with the purpose of supporting Alpine racing at Bear Valley. The Foundation has been run predominantly by parents of current and former racers who have worked closely with Bear Valley Mountain Resort to organize alpine races and support

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Competitive / Race Opportunities

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NASTAR NASTAR is the acronym for the NAtional STAndard Race and is the largest public grassroots ski race program in the world. Participants compete within their age and gender groups to win platinum, gold, silver and bronze medals. In addition, participants are ranked in their medal group and the top ranked racers qualify to

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Training Curriculum

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The All Mountain Team coaches follow standard PSIA/AASI coaching progressions to develop strong skiing and boarding skills. The ultimate goal of this program is to develop skiers and boarders who can enjoy all terrain and snow conditions in a safe, confident manner. These progressions include an emphasis on improving body awareness, along with introducing

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Important Information for Parents

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Safety The safety of your athlete is our number one priority. We will push your athlete and stretch their abilities by SAFELY challenging them on appropriate terrain and conditions. Always encourage your athlete to follow the directions of their coach. Our goal is to build lifetime ski and boarding skills in a safe, caring,

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Team Communications

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Email Update Email updates will be sent no later than the end of day the Thursday prior to the weekend training session providing parents and team members with pertinent information. BYGA App The BYGA app is a great communication and roster management tool. BYGA is our primary source for team messaging and daily

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About the Teams

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All-Mountain Teams Team Age Discipline Kodiak All-Mountain Team 4-5 Years old Ski & Snowboard Youth All-Mountain Team 6-17 Years Old Ski & Snowboard Adult All-Mountain Team 18+ Years Old Ski & Snowboard Kodiak Team: This team is a ski and snowboard development program for children 4-5 years of age that are at

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About the Bear Valley Teams Program

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Mission The mission of the Bear Valley Snow Sports Team Program is to develop recreational and racing skiing/boarding skills in a positive and encouraging atmosphere while developing a lifelong passion for snow sports. Program Management Josh Bridges, Snow Sports Manager 209-753-2301 x 680 Jeff Millar, Snow Sports Team Supervisor 209-753-8614 Nick Shawkey,

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