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Welcome to the Bear Valley Race Team! This guide has been developed to assist our Race Team athletes and their families in learning about recreational alpine ski racing programs at Bear Valley and the Far West Division of  US SKI & SNOWBOARD. The goal of this guide is to make sure all our team participants

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Appendix II – Website Resources

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Website Resources: US SKI & SNOWBOARD - Far West Division of US SKI & SNOWBOARD - Race Werks - The Race Place - / Start Haus -   Ski Depot - 

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Appendix I – Central Series Race Accommodations

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Race Accommodations Dodge Ridge Pinecrest Chalet 209.965.3276  The newest and most diversified complex in the Pinecrest Lake area. Spacious cabins, townhouses and RV Park. Located by the North Fork of the Tuolumne River. Closest lodging to Dodge Ridge Wintersports Area. 500 Dodge Ridge Road, P.O. Box 1279 Pinecrest, CA 95364. Pinecrest Lake

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Many racers enroll in summer race camps at Mt. Hood, OR.  The Bear Valley Race Team traditionally has attended the Olin-Lacasse Ski Camp operated by Tony Olin and Josee Lacasse. The program consists of one week sessions, 3 days of SL and 3 days of GS.  We attempt to attend the 2nd or 3rd

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Race Logistics

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If you or your athlete have never participated in an organized ski race, a preview of some of the logistics may be helpful.  Knowing what to expect and being prepared can make ski racing an enjoyable family experience. Most of this section refers to Central Series races and is intended for new race famililes.

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The Bear Valley Race Team competes in events that are sanctioned by US SKI & SNOWBOARD. US SKI & SNOWBOARD is divided into 3 Regions, Eastern, Rocky/Central, and Western. Each Region is further divided into Divisions. Bear Valley Race Team is a member club of the Far West Division of the Western Region. There

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Ski Tuning, Maintenance, Race Prep

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This section is not intended to be a “how to” guide because there many sources that expertly cover the subjects of how to tune and wax skis. Instead, this section helps you understand “what” is done to properly prepare race skis. Resources where you may find the expert “how to” information are near the

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Each discipline of ski racing has equipment with different characteristics. Equipment includes boots, skis, bindings, poles, and body protection.  Most of the equipment used by youth racers is designated as “junior race”. This separates the equipment from youth recreational ski equipment in terms of design, performance, and durabilty. Junior race equipment is typically available

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Race Team Parenting

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USSA Alpine Training System Matrix USSA: Start The Season Out Right – Five First Day Tips for Parents By Jon Nolting, USSA Sport Education Director USSA Successful Sports Parenting

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