BVSF Volunteer Program

Many members of Bear Valley’s Team Program do not realize how much work there is to be done in order to have a successful season.  Other than our paid coaching staff, all tasks are performed by our BVSF member volunteers. Many other youth sports programs require volunteer commitments.

Some Ski Clubs have a Volunteer Deposit Program that requires a deposit of several hundred dollars but enables members to “earn” back their entire deposit. Instituting a Volunteer Deposit Policy was considered but we elected to try a program that, while structured, does not require a deposit. We hope that this will be successful so a Volunteer Deposit program is not necessary.  Our Team Program is only as successful as our members make it!

There are many jobs to be done, and these jobs have different “values”.  We are reflecting the different job values by assigning a point based “work credit” on a scale from 1 to 20.  Frequently, the “value” of the job and the estimated time of work are not equivalent.  This policy is designed to incentivize members to volunteer for the critical jobs that must be accomplished.

The season Volunteer Point requirement varies by Team. Race Devo requirement is 10 points; Race Team is 20 points

Positions and availability are subject to change in nature and/or points.  Sign-ups are on a first come first serve basis. In some cases, the jobs may require a certain level of skill or knowledge so the Volunteer Coordinator reserves the right to approve and/or reassign as appropriate, of course with the volunteers’ knowledge.

There may be some jobs that are determined to be of greater effort that the 20-point commitment. In these cases, BVSF will provide for a “team credit” which can be applied toward next season’s team program.

We encourage members to volunteer for jobs that equal 50% or more of their point requirement prior to the beginning of the season. This can be done at the pre-season Meet & Greet session.  Additional jobs can be signed up for during the season.  Credit for a job is earned only after the task associated with the position is fulfilled in a satisfactory manner.  When you arrive to perform your job, check in with the Volunteer Coordinator and/or event chairperson who will verify the completion of the job.   These positions are subject to change in nature and/or points.

We using an online system,, for volunteer job sign up and tracking of volunteer hours.   All available jobs and their point value will be posted on the site. We will send volunteer reminders to the team parents and other BVSF members. These messages will have a link where you can easily sign up for your desired jobs online.

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